Rum Bumper's wird 21 - Jübiläum-Feier-Sendung mit Lemmi & Blackcloud

Sonntag, 4. April 2021

Heute mal vom Ende her aufgerollt:
John & Alton - Rum Bumper's
The Speakeasies' Swing Band! - Black Swamp Village
Hüsker Dü - Sorry Somehow
Angeschissen - Hund
Imelda May - Smoker's song
Deichkind - Im Raucherzimmer - Skit
Blutaussaugen oder Rauchen
John Holt - Police In Helicopter
Ghostpoet - Trouble + Me
The Last Poets - The Last Poets / How Many Bullets
Stan Or Itchy - Wasted
The King Blues - Taking Over
The King Blues - Shooting Fascists
Jaya The Cat - Night Bus
Ruts - staring at the rude boys
The Valkyrians - Gary Gilmore's Eyes feat. TV
Culture Shock - Open Mind Surgery
King Prawn - Someone to Hate
IDLES - I Dream Guillotine
The Kingpins - Designated Driver
Lo And The Magnetics - Tachée
The Beat - Rankin' Full Stop
Ngobo Ngobo - I'm on tv
The Shack - Dave and Mary
Mr. Review - Another Town
Aggrolites - Prisoner Song
999 - Emergency
The Interrupters - Not Personal
Thee Headcoats - The Day I Beat My Father Up
Thee Headcoaties - strychnine
The Cramps - goo goo muck
Maid of Ace - Dickhead
The RESTARTS - Frustration
Crass - So what
Spermbirds - shit for sale
The Samples - Fire Another Round
Stiff Little Fingers - You Can't Say Crap On The Radio
The Chats - Pub Feed
Anti-Flag - Die For Your Government
Descendents - 'Merican
The Chats - Identity Theft
King Prawn - Racist Copper
Hard Skin - First day angry song
The Business - No One Likes Us
Abstürzende Brieftauben - Nie wieder Pegida
Hans-A-Plast - Rank Xerox
Nichts - Hallo Kartoffelsalat
Echo & the Bunnymen - Villiers Terrace
FRUSTRATION - Some friends
Slaves - White Knuckle Ride
Fontaines D.C. - Too Real
White Reaper - Ohh (Yeah)
Blondie - X Offender
Sleaford Mods - B.H.S.
Keule - Ja Genau
Quit Your Dayjob - Sperms Are Germs
Pizzatramp - 137995
Cro-Mags - Face The Facts
Toxic Reasons - Mercenary
Poison Idea - Plastic Bomb
Anti Nowhere League - I hate People
The Sex Pistols - Holidays In The Sun
Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia
Snuff - Anotherwet Weekend at the Thundra Theme Park
David Dundas - Jeans On
The Beatles - Come Together
Alabama 3 - Hypo Full Of Love
Gorilla Biscuits - New Direction
Wipers - Wait a Minute
Hüsker Dü - Don't Want to Know if You Are Lonely
Splodgenessabounds - Two pints of lager & a packet of crisps please
Buzzcocks - Everybody's happy nowadays
The Adicts - Viva La Revolution
The Cure - Freakshow
The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
The Three Johns - The Devil's Music
Heaven 17 - (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Depeche Mode - Blasphemous Rumours
Killing Joke - The Wait
The Clash - Clash City Rockers
Gloria Jones - Tainted Love (1964)
David Bowie - Modern Love
Heaven 17 - Templation
The Ruts D.C. - Music Must Destroy
Libertine - If Wishes Were Horses
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Do Anything You Wanna Do
The vapors - turning japanese
Undertones - Teenage Kicks
Johnny Wolga - Time Is Now
The Business - Work or Riot
The Members - The Sound Of The suburbs
Guitar Gangsters - When You're Drunk
Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict
Hard Skin - We Are The Wankers
Cockney Rejects - oi!oi!oi!
Angry Itch - The Bristow Disco
Leatherface - Not Superstitious
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - The Jinx
Cock Sparrer - Take 'Em All
The Now - You student
The Kids - Fascist Cops
The Chats - Billy Backwash's Day
Zounds - Can't Cheat Karma
Echo & the Bunnymen - Show of Strength
Modern English - Gathering Dust
Elvis Costello - Watching the detectives
Neonbabies - Blaue Augen
Der KFC - Wie lange noch?
Isolation Berlin - Die Leute
Youth Man - Fat Dead Elvis
The Nervosas - stellacore
Duncan Redmonds - Allotment No. 44
Les Sales Majestés - Pogo pogo
Sub Humans - 99%
Basement 5 - Last White Christmas
Agent Orange - Bloodstains (Original Version)
The Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer
John & Alton - Rum Bumper's