Sunday Roast

Sonntag, 19. April 2020


Max Raabe - Der perfekte Moment!… wird heut verpennt
Jaya The Cat - Sunday Morning
The Vapors - Waiting For The Weekend
The Jam - Get yourself together
Joe Strummer & The Long Beach All Stars - The Harder They Come
Purple Hearts - Frustration
slap shot - bigmouth strikes again
Hardskin - Sausage Man
Crass - Heard Too Much About
Stiff Little Fingers - Roots, Radicals, Rockers and Reggae
Angelic Upstarts - Murder of Liddle Towers
Buzzcocks - Times up
Defekt Defekt - Lucy
Cockney Rejects - I Wanna be a star
Butthole Surfers - TV Star
David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes
weezer - Island in the sun
Ruts D.C - Kill the Pain
Tubeway Army - Listen to the sirens
Department S - Going Left Right
Cock Sparrer - Sunday Stripper
UK Subs - Party in Paris
The Adicts - Numbers
Element Of Crime - Straßenbahn des Todes
Pixies - Dig For Fire
Sonic Youth - My Friend Goo
R.E.M. - Ignoreland
Leatherface - Another Dance
Hüsker Dü - I Don't Know for Sure
Liam Lynch - Still Wasted From The Party Last Night
Jaya The Cat - hello hangover
Harrynecks - Smokin' On My Balcony
Eilen Jewell - One of these days
GUZ - Nachtarbeiter
Firewater - Too Much (is never enough)
Courtney Barnett - Sunday Roast
The Kills - Fried My Little Brains
Bilderbuch - Bungalow
Captain Hotknives - Are you into bread
Jan Delay - Vergiftet
Village People - Food fight
Frustration - Midlife Crisis
Nichts - Hallo Kartoffelsalat
David Bowie - Modern Love
Kim Wilde - View from a bridge
Hazel O'Connor - Writing on the wall
Trio - Sunday You Need Love Monday Be Alone
Cult Hero - I Dig You
Boss Hog - I Dig You
Tom Waits - Cemetery Polka
The Kills - Cat Claw
Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq. - Pants Drunk
Soko - Who Wears the Pants??
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Attack of the Ghost Riders
The Raveonettes - Breaking into cars
Nash, Kate - Mariella
Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies - Do The Don't
RWW - Magdalena
The Slickers - johnny too bad
The Slackers - Calypso Jazz
The pioneers - Down at the club
Ken Boothe - Everything I Own
Charles Bradley feat. Menahan Street Band - The World (Is Going Up in Flames)
The Cure - All Cats Are Grey
Anne Clark - At Midnight

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